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format file vct

What is a vct file and how do I open a vct file?

Files stored in the .vct format are also called visual class library memo documents, and these VCT documents are generally text files with content integrated with details relevant to associated Microsoft Visual FoxPro projects. These Microsoft FoxPro projects are files stored in the .vcx format, and this format is more popularly known to users as FoxPro visual class library files. When the user of a Visual FoxPro project accesses certain features which require the data from associated VCX files, and the user needs to learn more about the code implemented into the Microsoft Visual FoxPro project, specifically the data stored in associated VCX files, then the user may need the corresponding VCT visual class library memo files to view the content entered by the developer of the Microsoft Visual FoxPro project. This promotes more efficient development of Microsoft Visual FoxPro projects, since users can conveniently collaborate and populate associated VCT files with text content that may be viewed and used by other developers in the improvement of the corresponding Microsoft Visual FoxPro projects.

Recommended vct file download:
Microsoft Visual FoxPro
Detail vct file extension information:
File Type: vct
File Format: Visual Class Library Memo
Primary Association: Text Files