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format file u3i

What is an u3i file and how do I open an u3i file?

Files in the U3I format are also known as U3 application information files, and these are plain text documents saved in files with the .u3i extension. U3P files are associated with these U3I text documents, and files saved in the U3P format are u3 smart scripts or applications. The content of these U3I text files contain details associated with particular U3P applications. Specifications based on XML standards are integrated into these U3I text documents, and the content of these .u3i files may include U3 smart application parameters, functionalities, download locations and specific version. Manifest is the default name of files saved in the .u3i format. The U3 Launcher application finds and retrieves the correct U3I files associated with the U3P smart applications on focus in order to reference its content. Any text editing and word processing program developed for Microsoft Windows environments can be used to open and view the content of these U3I files. This means popular Microsoft Windows-based text editing applications like Microsoft Wordpad and Microsoft Notepad as well as word processing programs such as Microsoft Word can be used to view the content of files saved in the .u3i format.

Recommended u3i file download:
Editable with a text editor
Referenced by the U3 Launcher
Detail u3i file extension information:
File Type: u3i
File Format: U3 Application Information File
Primary Association: Text Files