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What is a text file and how do I open a text file?

Unformatted content with ASCII text saved as files in the TEXT extension are more commonly referred to as plain text documents. These .text files can be created, opened or viewed and modified using any text or word processing application for Mac-based systems and popular text editing programs for Microsoft Windows-based computers, such as Microsoft WordPad and Microsoft Notepad. The TEXT format is mostly used when the text content does not need to be implemented with page layout attributes and formatting elements. An advantage of these .text files is to have text files in smaller sizes, so that uploading these text documents to a Web server or attaching these files to email messages will be quicker and easier for users. Program developers also use these plain text files as README files or as text documents referenced by their applications. A more popular file format for plain text documents is the .txt extension. Even word processing applications like Microsoft Word can be used to create, view and modify the content stored in files in the .text format.

Mac OS
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Any text editor
Any text editor
Detail text file extension information:
File Type: text
File Format: Plain Text File
Primary Association: Text Files
Mime Type: text/plain