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format file sxg

What is a sxg file and how do I open a sxg file?

Text data stored in the SXG format refer to StarOffice Writer master document files with more content in terms of data size than documents saved with the SXW extension using the StarOffice Writer application. These SXG files were used by StarOffice Writer for this purpose, and current versions of StarOffice Writer, which is now OpenOffice.Org, now implement the ODM format for these master documents. Files with the SXW extension can be referenced by SXG files, primarily because these master text documents can contain large chunks of text, digital objects like images, tables and charts and even attachments including other SXW text documents. This means when a user opens an SXG file, the StarOffice Writer application finds other SXW files associated with the SXG document, because these are embedded in the document being viewed by the user. System and RAM resources consumed when viewing SXG files are significantly reduced compared to the resources used up when opening an SXW file with the same file size as the SXG document, because the SXG format references associated SXW documents attached to it and does not load it unto the program. The StarOffice Writer program was the predecessor of OpenOffice.Org, a free word processing application designed to provide features found in more popular retail software like Microsoft Word. There are OpenOffice.Org distributions available for different versions of Microsoft Windows-based systems, and there are also versions for Mac and Linux users. Files in the .sxg format were originally used for the development of books and long reports.

Mac OS
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Detail sxg file extension information:
File Type: sxg
File Format: OpenOffice.org Master Document
Primary Association: Text Files
Mime Type: application/vnd.sun.xml.writer.global, application/x-soffice