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format file scrivx

What is a scrivx file and how do I open a scrivx file?

Scrivener is an application classified as a writing studio program for Mac and Microsoft Windows platforms, and this program is used to create, modify and view files in the .scriv format, which can in turn be converted to a .scrivx file, an XML compatible format. Literature & Latte developed Scrivener for users who need a better program to write their essays, literary novels and scripts for their screen and stage play ideas and movie or TV show scripts. Users can also benefit from the feature of easily entering their ideas beside their work, which Literature & Latte integrated into the Scrivener program, for more convenient referencing. A SCRIVX file can also be opened and viewed using the Scrivener program, both the Mac and Microsoft Windows version. This means users can also collaborate and share with their friends and co-writers their SCRIVX documents.

Mac OS
Recommended scrivx file download:
Literature & Latte Scrivener
Literature & Latte Scrivener
Detail scrivx file extension information:
File Type: scrivx
File Format: Scrivener XML Document
Primary Association: Text Files