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format file safetext

What is a safetext file and how do I open a safetext file?

Files saved in the SAFETEXT format refer to text documents containing data associated with text entries encrypted by the SafeText application. These SAFETEXT text documents are used by the SafeText program in conjunction with other applications also developed by DeLorme. These other DeLorme programs store confidential data entered by users. These DeLorme applications use the mini SafeText application to create a SAFETEXT text document and store those details. SafeText also encrypts the content of the .safetext file, secure the .safetext file by generating a unique password for the file and associate it with the specific files which the details stored in the SAFETEXT file will be used for. These SAFETEXT files may also be saved in the SAF format, which is the extension used by map files of the DeLorme Street Atlas USA application.

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Detail safetext file extension information:
File Type: safetext
File Format: SafeText File
Primary Association: Text Files