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format file pwdp

What is a pwdp file and how do I open a pwdp file?

Text files with the .pwdp extension are created using Password Pad. This text editing application developed by Tan Thor Jen can encrypt the content stored in text documents to protect it against illegitimate access by third party users. The additional security functionality provided by Password Pad involves the generation of a unique password that will secure text documents and save it as PWDP files. This means text documents with the .pwdp extension are secured by a password generated by Password Pad and cannot be opened, unless the correct password is provided by users who wish to gain access to the content of the text documents. Users can take advantage of the benefits offered by Password Pad and PWDP file format technology for encrypting and securing their financial information (credit card and banking details among others) and confidential data with personally identifiable and private information that they store in their computer's internal and external data storage devices. Also, passwords generated by the Password Pad application is unique to that PWDP text document. This means a password for a .pwdp file may always be different from passwords generated by the same application for different PWDP text files.

Mac OS
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Password Pad
Detail pwdp file extension information:
File Type: pwdp
File Format: Password Pad Document
Primary Association: Text Files