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format file ofl

What is an ofl file and how do I open an ofl file?

The .ofl file extension is used in playlist files created and saved using an audio software developed by Ots Labs called OtsTurntables. The software is primarily for musicians and artists who need a virtual platform to create music loops, mix existing MP3 and WAV audio files or even other OFL files, as well as generate digital music using functionalities that generally emulate features found in actual turntables. The OtsTurntables application can also be used for editing digital audio through the integration of these emulated turntable functionalities. Data in an OFL file, such as directory paths to particular audio files stored in the computer's internal and external devices, are used by these OFL files right after the OtsTurntables software calls it upon user request. This is for the software to quickly and easily locate particular audio data included by the user at the time the OFL file was saved.

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Detail ofl file extension information:
File Type: ofl
File Format: Ots File List
Primary Association: Text Files