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format file odif

What is an odif file and how do I open an odif file?

The ODIF File Extension is used for an Open Document Interchange Format file developed by ITU-T. The document is part of Open Document Architecture standard which is an open international standard file format. ODA may be referred to as a compilation of documents in which word processing software was used together with non-text elements such as digital audio, digital video, spreadsheets and videos which was then made as one called a compound document. These compound documents are used on a software framework which consists of multiple other concepts. An example of these technologies for compound documents are Verdantium, OpenDoc from Apple Computer, Object linking and embedding by Microsoft Corporation, KParts in KDE, Bonobo by Ximian which was used by GNOME, Active X Documents, XML and XSL formats. Compound Document Comparison compares the entirety of document particularly the format. Objects that are embedded like the images and spreadsheets, this allows the creation of another document which highlights the modifications made with the use of a coded system.

Mac OS
Recommended odif file download:
ODA Consortium Toolkit
DSG Arachne software library
DSG Arachne software library
Detail odif file extension information:
File Type: odif
File Format: Open Document Interchange Format
Primary Association: Text Files