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format file kwd

What is a kwd file and how do I open a kwd file?

The KWD file extension is used for a KWord Document developed by KDE. KWord is a word processor and a complete desktop publishing program that belongs to the KOffice suite. It was created by Reginald Staudlbauer in 1998. It was based on ideas from FrameMaker, a document processor used for the manipulation and production of structured documents produced by Adobe Systems. Frames created by KWord allow users to place text anywhere on the page and each page created is considered a new frame. Texts created on a frame can easily be transferred to the next frame of KWORD. Its like writing words in a page and when that page is already full or there is no more space available for the next word then simply turning it to the next page gives the user a new page to work on. The use of frames itself dictates easy achievements for KWord. Additional features are ODT (Open Document Text) support, allows embedding of Documents and customization of user interface.

Mac OS
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KOffice KWord
KOffice KWord
Detail kwd file extension information:
File Type: kwd
File Format: KWord Document
Primary Association: Text Files