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format file kon

What is a kon file and how do I open a kon file?

The KON file extension is used for a Yahoo! Widget XML File and currently owned by Yahoo!. It is a JavaScript/XML interpreter that allows it to run small programs which are named as widgets and previously known as KONFABULATOR. Its feature include flexible API (Application Programming Interface), timers, images, text areas, easy download of web pages from the internet, can run OS specific code, built in interface and animator objects for visual effects. Konfabulator was developed and used for Mac OS X application in the year 2003. It was also used for Windows in the year 2004 in its version 1.8 and later acquired by Yahoo!. The creator of Konfabulator (Arlo Rose) has experience in Kaleidoscope (skinning program for Apple-Macintosh operating system). Skinning the Mp3 player was the initial idea that leads him to create Konfabulator together with two other associates. The application became cross-platform when introduced to Windows and later other software companies begun to seek about it.

Mac OS
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Yahoo! Widgets
Yahoo! Widgets
Detail kon file extension information:
File Type: kon
File Format: Yahoo! Widget XML File
Primary Association: Text Files