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format file hz

What is a hz file and how do I open a hz file?

The HZ file extension is used for a Chinese (Hanzi) Text file. Chinese characters are known as logographs that are used in the writing of Chinese which is also called as Hanzi. These characters are also evident to other languages like Kanji in Japanese, Hanja in Korea and Han tu in Vietnam and other various languages. There are an abundance of Chinese characters and maybe numbering to thousands but represent only a minor number in terms of variants as shown in historical texts. Studies conducted have proven that it takes about four thousand characters just to show functional literacy. In writing Chinese, the characters are of morphosyllabic which in linguistics would mean the smallest semantically meaningful unit used in a language. Morphology is the field of study dedicated to morphemes. It is not the same as a word that is very much capable of standing alone but a morpheme can or can not stand as one. Morphemes are generally composed of one or more words.

Mac OS
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Detail hz file extension information:
File Type: hz
File Format: Chinese (Hanzi) Text
Primary Association: Text Files
Mime Type: application/chinese-hz