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format file fdf

What is a fdf file and how do I open a fdf file?

The FDF file extension is implemented into the Acrobat Forms Data Format created by Adobe Systems. A file appended with this extension and stored in this format contains only form filed data which is considered smaller than .PDF files and the complete form is called Forms Data Format. FDF file is data taken from .PDF form fields and can be created by Adobe Acrobat and read by Adobe Reader. There are instances that PDF seem to appear in spammed messages like PDF spam, XLS and DOC spam. PDF is acronym for Portable Document Format and created by Adobe Systems. It was released in 1993 and encountered problems in term of downloading due to large size of PDF files that were very common then. Slow modems also added further problems for PDF file that’s why its popularity was not that well known. Adobe Acrobat which is Adobe’s suite for creating and reading PDF files was not offered freely in its early years and does not entail external hyperlinks which greatly affected its preference on the internet.

Mac OS
Recommended fdf file download:
Adobe Acrobat XI
Adobe Acrobat XI
Detail fdf file extension information:
File Type: fdf
File Format: Acrobat Forms Data Format
Primary Association: Text Files