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format file woc

What is a woc file and how do I open a woc file?

Files in the WOC format are known with its applications in making organizational charts for Windows. They are mainly used in small to large business establishments as part of its management strategy and supervisory technique. The significance of using the advantages of the WOC file extension depends on an organizational chart’s usefulness in administrative management. Most of the companies notice that organizational chart is very useful to show how they are structured and how every member in the organization interacts with the other members. Organizational charts produced as files with the .woc extension can be set in a publication or document along with examples and pre-drawn organizational chart templates especially in more advanced versions of organizational chart applications. Files with the .woc extension can be written on available Windows-based OrgChart programs such as OrgPlus. OrgPlus offered an easy creation and maintenance of organizational chart as a free Office Add-in. This application assures to give managers and assistants with compact layouts, custom planning and formatting features. This type of files can either be stand-alone or embedded in a Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Visio.

Recommended woc file download:
Insperity OrgPlus
Detail woc file extension information:
File Type: woc
File Format: Windows OrgChart File
Primary Association: Text Files