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File extensions start with character 'P'

File Type Category File Format
.p10 Partially Downloaded Files Certificate Request File
.p3 Data Files Primavera P3 Project File
.p7m Multiple Use Files Digitally Encrypted Message
.p7s Text Files Digitally Signed Email Message
.pab Data Files Personal Address Book
.pac Microsoft Files Proxy Auto-Config File
.pack Microsoft Files Pack200 Packed Jar File
.package Package Files Electronic Arts Game Package File
.paf Data Files Personal Ancestral File
.pages Text Files Pages Document
.pak Android Files PAK (Packed) File
.pak Game Files Video Game Package
.pal Configuration Files Painter Custom Palettes File
.paq Backup Files Hewlett-Packard Software Restore File
.paq6 Compressed Files PAQ6 Data Archive
.paq7 Compressed Files PAQ7 Data Archive
.paq8 Compressed Files PAQ8 Data Archive
.paq8f Compressed Files PAQ8F Compressed Archive
.par2 Compressed Files Parchive 2 Index File
.part Multiple Use Files Partially Downloaded File
.partial Multiple Use Files Internet Explorer Partially Downloaded File
.pas Development Files Pascal Source File
.pat Raster Graphics Files Pattern File
.pax Compressed Files PAX Archive
.pb Development Files PureBasic Source File
.pbd Backup Files EaseUS Todo Backup File
.pbd Vector Graphics Files Adobe PhotoDeluxe File
.pbf Backup Files Paragon Backup File
.pbi Compressed Files PC BSD Installer Package
.pbk Data Files Dial-Up Phone Book File
.pbp Firmware Update Files PSP Firmware Update File
.pbxproj Development Files Xcode Project Data File
.pc Development Files Pro*C Source Code File
.pcap Data Files Packet Capture Data
.pcb Data Files Printed Circuit Board Design File
.pcf Game Files Valve Particle System File
.pck Program Files System Center Configuration Manager Package File
.pcr Data Files PCMark Vantage Benchmark File
.pct Page Layout Files Picture File
.pd4 Data Files Windows Live Photo Gallery Information File
.pd5 Data Files Windows Live Photo Gallery Information File
.pdas Data Files PDAStore Data Store File
.pdb Database Files Program Database
.pdb Database Files Palm Desktop Database File
.pdb Data Files Protein Data Bank File
.pdb Backup Files PowerDesigner Database Backup File
.pdd Raster Graphics Files Adobe PhotoDeluxe Image
.pdf Page Layout Files Portable Document Format File
.pdfig Data Files PDF Index Generator Project File
.pdh Page Layout Files ProntoDoc for Word Browser Display Document Template
.pdo Microsoft Files Pepakura Designer File
.pds Video Files PowerDirector Script File
.pdx Data Files Adobe Acrobat Index File
.pe4 Raster Graphics Files Photo Explorer Thumbnail Archive
.pea Compressed Files PEA File Archive
.peb Data Files ProEST+ Buildings File
.pec Data Files Brother Embroidery File
.pem Wordperfect Files Privacy Enhanced Mail Certificate
.pep Data Files TurboProject Project File
.pet Compressed Files Puppy Linux Install Package
.pex Data Files Merak Peep Data File
.pf Windows Files Private File
.pf Data Files Windows Prefetcher File
.pfc Data Files AOL Personal File Cabinet
.pfd Vector Graphics Files Micrografx Optima! File
.pff Page Layout Files Formatta Portable Form File
.pfl Page Layout Files PDFill Project File
.pfx System Files PKCS #12 Certificate File
.pgpf Data Files Password Generator Password File
.phar Executable Files PHP Archive
.phb Data Files Motorola Phone Book File
.phd Data Files PhotoDirector Project File
.phm Data Files Pro Home Manager Data File
.php PHP Files PHP Source Code File
.pi Data Files Pi Calculation Data File
.pi2 Raster Graphics Files Portrait Innovations Photo
.pickle Development Files Python Pickle File
.pif Executable Files Program Information File
.pim Plug-in Files Pro Tools Controller Plug-in Mappings File
.pip Configuration Files Office Personalized Settings File
.pipe CAD Files PIPE-FLO Project File
.pis Data Files PS2DIS Project File
.pit Archive Files PackIt Compressed Archive
.piz Compressed Files Zipped File
.pjt Text Files FoxPro Project Memo
.pjx Development Files FoxPro Project
.pk Apple Files Audition Peak File
.pk3 Game Files Quake 3 Engine Game Data File
.pka Data Files Packet Tracer Activity File
.pkb Data Files Oracle Package Body File
.pkf Audio Files Audition Peak File
.pkg Apple Files Mac OS X Installer Package
.pkh Data Files Oracle Package File
.pks Data Files Oracle Package Spec File
.pkt Data Files Packet Tracer Network Simulation Model
.pla CAD Files ArchiCAD Project Archive
.plist Configuration Files Mac OS X Property List File
.pln CAD Files ArchiCAD Project File
.plr Game Files rFactor Player File
.pls Playlist Files Audio Playlist
.plt Vector Graphics Files AutoCAD Plotter Document
.plw Data Files PicoLog Data File
.pmd Page Layout Files PageMaker Document
.pml Data Files Process Monitor Log File
.pmm Data Files Pegasus Mail Mailbox File
.pmo Data Files Broderbund Print Meta Object File
.pmr Data Files Avid Persisent Media Record File
.png Raster Graphics Files Portable Network Graphic
.pns Raster Graphics Files PNG Stereo Image
.pnt Raster Graphics Files MacPaint File
.pod Development Files Perl POD File
.poi Data Files Magellan Maestro Point of Interest File
.pol Windows System Files Windows Policy File
.por Data Files SPSS Portable File
.pos Data Files Trimble Position File
.postal Data Files TomTom Postal Code File
.pot Data Files PowerPoint Template
.potm Data Files PowerPoint Open XML Macro-Enabled Presentation Template
.potx Data Files PowerPoint Open XML Presentation Template
.pp Data Files Pocket Physics Sketch File
.pp2 3D Graphics Files Poser Prop File
.ppc Development Files Mobile Data Studio Project File
.ppcx Adobe Files Adobe Presenter Presentation Audio File
.ppf PaintShop Pro Files Edgecam Pathtrace Part File
.ppk Partially Downloaded Files PuTTY Private Key File
.ppr Data Files Project Planner Reader File
.pps Microsoft Office Files PowerPoint Slide Show
.ppsm Data Files PowerPoint Open XML Macro-Enabled Slide Show
.ppsx Microsoft Office Files PowerPoint Open XML Slide Show
.ppt Microsoft Office Files PowerPoint Presentation
.pptm Data Files PowerPoint Open XML Macro-Enabled Presentation
.pptx Microsoft Office Files PowerPoint Open XML Presentation
.ppz 3D Graphics Files Compressed Poser Prop File
.pqi Disk Image Files PowerQuest Drive Image
.prb Data Files xyAlgebra Probabilities File
.prc eBook Files Mobipocket eBook File
.pre Data Files Lotus Freelance Graphics File
.prf Configuration Files Outlook Profile File
.prfpset Configuration Files Premiere Pro Effect Preset File
.prj Data Files Project File
.prm Configuration Files Parameter File
.prn Page Layout Files Printable File
.pro4 Data Files ProPresenter 4 Document
.pro4pl Data Files ProPresenter Playlist File
.pro4plx Data Files ProPresenter Playlist Bundle
.pro4x Data Files ProPresenter 4 Bundle File
.propdesc Configuration Files Property Description
.properties Configuration Files Java Properties File
.prp Data Files Rational Model Properties File
.prproj Digital Video Files Premiere Pro Project
.prs Data Files Harvard Graphics Presentation
.prt CAD Files Pro/ENGINEER Part File
.prx Configuration Files Windows Media Profile File
.prz Data Files Freelance Graphics Presentation File
.ps Vector Graphics Files PostScript File
.psa Data Files Photoshop Album Catalog File
.psd Raster Graphics Files Adobe Photoshop Document
.pset Adobe Files Adobe InDesign Plug-in Set File
.psf Configuration Files Photoshop Proof Settings File
.psh Video Files Photodex Slide Show
.psm Audio Files Protracker Studio Module
.pst Microsoft Outlook Files Outlook Personal Information Store File
.psv Game Files PlayStation 2 Save File
.psw Text Files Pocket Word Document
.ptb Data Files Power Tab File
.ptf Audio Files Pro Tools 7 Session File
.ptk Data Files Quicken Online Financial Data File
.ptn Data Files PaperPort Thumbnail File
.ptx PaintShop Pro Files Pro Tools 10 Session File
.ptz Data Files E-Transcript Bundle File
.pub Page Layout Files Publisher Document
.pup eBook Files PlayStation 3 Update File
.puz Game Files Across Lite Crossword Puzzle
.pvc Audio Files Panasonic VM1 Voice File
.pvj Text Files ProofVision Job Ticket
.pvl Data Files Instalit Library
.pvm Text Files Photo Video Manifest File
.pvr Raster Graphics Files POWERVR Texture File
.pwdp Text Files Password Pad Document
.pwdpl Text Files Password Pad Lite Document
.pwi Text Files Pocket Word Document
.pws Configuration Files Painter Workspace File
.pxa Data Files XpressAccounts Data File
.pxc Data Files Photodex Cache File
.pxf Data Files Transit XV Pack Project File
.pxj Data Files RecordNow Project
.pxm Raster Graphics Files Pixelmator Image File
.py Development Files Python Script
.pyc Program Execution Files Python Compiled File