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format file pk

What is a pk file and how do I open a pk file?

PK is an Audition Peak File that contains the visual representation of an audio waveform for a corresponding audio file. It is generated automatically by Audition and Cool Edit Pro when an audio file is opened, and is saved in the same folder as the original audio file.

With Adobe Systems Incorporated acquisition of the technology assets of Syntrillium Software in May 2003, Adobe was able to release a re-branded version of Cool Edit Pro 2.1 as Adobe Audition software. Audition/Cool Edit creates .PK files which are commonly known as Peak Files. Peak files store data associated with the graphical representation of audio data (i.e., Waveform diagram). Audition/Cool Edit has the option to disable the creation of these files, however this may slow loading, saving and re-drawing of graphical data. PK files can safely be deleted without affecting or altering the original audio data.

Recommended pk file download:
Adobe Audition CS6
Syntrillium Cool Edit Pro
Syntrillium Cool Edit 2000
Detail pk file extension information:
File Type: pk
File Format: Audition Peak File
Primary Association: Apple Files