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format file pal

What is a pal file and how do I open a pal file?

The settings files Corel Painter contain are known as Painter Custom Palettes Files or PAL files. Corel Painter is a popular application for digital arts. The PAL files do not contain the actual files created through this application, but since they are settings files, they contain the workspace palette layouts, including the layers, the navigator palettes, the mixer and the color which are used to create digital arts through the software. In other words, these PAL files are what allow users to customize the layouts of their screen according to their preference. Since these files are not the actual paintings created by the user through the Painter application, users cannot manually save them. But once they are used by the artist to his or her paintings, the artist can already save the overall painting to the computer which will then have a different file extension. Aside from Corel Painter, PAL files can also be used by other graphic or photo editors.

Mac OS
Recommended pal file download:
Corel Painter 2015
Corel Painter 2015
Detail pal file extension information:
File Type: pal
File Format: Painter Custom Palettes File
Primary Association: Configuration Files