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format file prx

What is a prx file and how do I open a prx file?

The PRX file format is used for settings files created and implemented by Windows’ multiple multimedia programs. Some of the products that makes use of the PRX file are Windows Media Player, an application developed by Microsoft used for playing media files and storing of said files in a media library. It can be used to play audio and video files, and viewing of graphics and images. One of the main features of Windows Media player is its ability to rip audio files and copy them to compact disks and burn disks in an audio format. It also features synchronization with digital mp3 and other audio players or mobile devices. Other programs that make use of the PRX file format include Windows Live Movie Maker. PRX files are XML files used by multimedia programs developed by Microsoft Windows for publishing digital video files. Such files were created to store codecs, mainly for audio and video files. It can also contain language settings and targeted bit rates.

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Detail prx file extension information:
File Type: prx
File Format: Windows Media Profile File
Primary Association: Configuration Files