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format file xry

What is a xry file and how do I open a xry file?

The .xry file extension is mainly associated with the program called XRY. XRY is a program used to retrieve data form mobile phones. This software is mostly helpful for the purpose of forensics. The .xry files are known as data archives that the XRY created and these file mostly contain numerous and valuable types of data users can download from a mobile phone. These mobile data may be phone book information, text messages, calendars, audio files, call lists, pictures as well as notes. .xry files are called archive files because they serve as storage of all these data. In other words, these files are compressed in one archive using the .xry extension. The use of XRY communication unit brought about the creation of .xry files and it allows the retrieval of data with the use of Bluetooth, and other means of data transport. Users can view all these mobile phone data on the computer provided the right applications are used such as Micro Systemation XRY and a Micro Systemation XRY Reader.

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Micro Systemation XRY
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Detail xry file extension information:
File Type: xry
File Format: XRY Data File
Primary Association: Data Files