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format file 3dr

What is a 3dr file and how do I open a 3dr file?

The 3DMark software is a small application developed by Futuremark, and this program uses files with the .3dr extension. These 3DR files contain data created by the 3DMark application after a user accesses the main feature integrated into this software. The 3DMark program can be used for determining the DirectX performance that can be expected from a Microsoft Windows-based system when used for 3D video gaming purposes, based on a set of benchmarks implemented by Futuremark into this application. The results of a test performed by a 3DMark user are stored by this application in the 3DR file. This means these data files are created and saved by 3DMark in the .3dr extension upon the completion of its benchmarking processes, and each 3DR file is then associated to the specific test performed by the user. This is so 3DMark can reference the data contained in these 3DR files, which are benchmark results, then display it for the user to see on a section of the application window. This also means these 3DR files help 3DMark perform as efficient as possible, since only the content of these 3DR files are referenced by the application, so the 3DR files themselves are not loaded unto the software.

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Futuremark 3DMark
Detail 3dr file extension information:
File Type: 3dr
File Format: 3DMark Results File
Primary Association: Data Files