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format file mcd

What is a mcd file and how do I open a mcd file?

Mathcad is one of the applications using MCD files. MCD files refer to the MathCad documents or file format that the software uses. MCD files contain the following information: functions, spreadsheets, programs, algorithms, etc. These files are mostly used for the development of products such as engineering tools as well as in performing advanced mathematical calculations using MathCad. The MCD file extension was developed by PTC as well as the MathCad software. The software was formerly developed by Mathsoft but now, it is developed by Parametric Technology Corporation. It comes with different versions all supporting Pro/ENGINEER files. It is a popular program for creating and analyzing models for disk operated systems. Automatic computations and engineering data can be created with this program. MCD files make it easy for users to use the MathCad software since they contain all the needed information the software uses to perform its functions. MCD files are categorized as data files.

Recommended mcd file download:
PTC Mathcad Prime 2.0
Detail mcd file extension information:
File Type: mcd
File Format: Mathcad Document
Primary Association: Data Files
Mime Type: application/mcad, application/x-mathcad