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format file ii

What is an ii file and how do I open an ii file?

The II files extension was developed by Axialis Software and it is attached to files containing the information file created with the use of the Icon Workshop application. With this, II files are known as IconWorkshop Extended Information Files. These information files contain metadata that is associated with an icon or an image like the title, the author, keywords and descriptions. The IconWorkshop's librarian uses II files especially when it comes to indexing and enhancing the search capabilities. They are not only created as hidden files but they are also named similar to their corresponding media file. The only difference is the added ".ii" extension. II files can be opened on a Windows operating system, with the application called Axialis IconWorkshop. This is an application that allows users to create custom icons whether for Windows, Linux or MAC. It is an application designed to create the highest quality icons for different environments.

Recommended ii file download:
Axialis IconWorkshop
Detail ii file extension information:
File Type: ii
File Format: IconWorkshop Extended Information File
Primary Association: Data Files