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format file xpdl

What is a xpdl file and how do I open a xpdl file?

The .xpdl file extension is mainly used by TIBCO iProcess. It is used to refer to files that are created with the use of this software, an application that deals with business processes. This application helps companies and business organizations organize all their business processes so that they can easily accomplish their tasks and manage their businesses well. Mostly, codes in XPDL as well as the XML Process Definition Language are what these files are composed of. These files also include numerous processes that users can add to the software or to the business model users are creating. It was the Workflow Management Coalition that standardized the .xpdl file extension. This company aims to assist businesses when it comes to the workflow of their business which is why they came up with this format for their software. Other applications than the said application can also support this file extension as long as they are BPM applications.

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TIBCO iProcess Suite
TIBCO Business Studio
Detail xpdl file extension information:
File Type: xpdl
File Format: XPDL Module
Primary Association: Data Files