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format file xft

What is a xft file and how do I open a xft file?

Files using the .xft extension refer to the forms that are created by Adobe Form Designer 5, an application that allows users to create personalized documents as well as interactive forms. While this software was formerly called Adobe Designer, it is more commonly known as Adobe Livecycle nowadays. All the forms that are used by this software are all .xft files. .xft files also refer to the 24-pin printer font that the ChiWriter use. ChiWriter is known as a multi-word processor developed by Horstmann Software Development Corporation. It was actually developed for MS DOS but Windows can already launch this software. This software is good at creating its own graphic screen. The .xft font files contribute a lot to making the software function better for the convenience of the users because they contain edit settings related to the speed and interactive support delivery. These .xft files can be opened with the use of various applications such as Adobe LiveCycle, Horstmann Software Design ChiWriter and a lot more.

Recommended xft file download:
Adobe LiveCycle
Detail xft file extension information:
File Type: xft
File Format: Adobe Form Designer 5.0 File
Primary Association: Data Files
Mime Type: application/filler, application/x-jetform-formflow-xft