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format file xappl

What is a xappl file and how do I open a xappl file?

The .xappl file extension is used as Spoon XML Application Configuration Files developed by Spoon. They refer to files that the said application created. Spoon Virtual Application Studio is a program that allows users to create virtual applications; therefore, it is helpful to software programmers as it makes their jobs easy to do. The files used by this software contain application virtualization and build settings that are needed for the creation of virtual application outputs. These files are executable files and they contribute a lot to make the software function well when it comes to the virtualization of existing applications. In other words, these files help businessmen a lot in custom installation performance. Usually, the only application that can be used to open these .xappl files is the Spoon application but users can also use file converters and editors to open these files in case they do not have the exact application installed in their computers.

Recommended xappl file download:
Spoon Virtual Application Studio
Detail xappl file extension information:
File Type: xappl
File Format: Spoon XML Application Configuration File
Primary Association: Data Files