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format file wpc

What is a wpc file and how do I open a wpc file?

The .wpc file extension is used by Microsoft Word and WordPad programs. These programs are very popular word processors used to create, edit and save documents. The .wpc files using this file extension and are created by the two programs contain file conversion instructions so they help a lot in converting a non-native file format or older file versions into a format that is user-friendly. When it comes to translating WordPad to Word formats, these .wpc files are necessary. But aside from Microsoft Word and WordPad applications, a program known as Creative Cutter also makes use of this file extension. This program helps a lot in creating cutout patterns mostly used for cards, scrapbooks, etc. These files can automatically be cut if they are transferred to the Creative Cutter machine. Through these files, it is possible for these cutouts to be shared and stored on the net. Users can open .wpc files either through Microsoft Word programs and Creative Cutter as well as other compatible applications.

Recommended wpc file download:
Microsoft Word 2013
Microsoft WordPad
Detail wpc file extension information:
File Type: wpc
File Format: WordPad Converter File
Primary Association: Data Files
Mime Type: application/pcms_wp, application/wpc