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format file vvf

What is a vvf file and how do I open a vvf file?

Files with the .vvf extension are mainly used by Voc as vocabulary files. Voc is a popular program that allows vocabulary creation and administration of multi-lingual vocabulary quizzes. This software is a helpful tool for users to widen their vocabulary as well as learn the meaning of words in another language because this software also translates words into a different language. Voc presents options in multiple choices; which is why it helps users to easily learn their vocabulary. These multiple choice options are the .vvf files. The files with .vvf extension contain words that are written in plain text and they usually play a part in storing word translations. These files also play a part in loading the questions to the user of the program. There are also other applications associated with this file extension such as Camera Viewer wherein the files with the .vvf extension are saved as video files.

Mac OS
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Detail vvf file extension information:
File Type: vvf
File Format: Voc Vocabulary File
Primary Association: Data Files