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format file voxb

What is a voxb file and how do I open a voxb file?

Files with the .voxb extension are deemed as Voxler Network Files created by Voxler software. This software is an application that enables 2D and 3D visualization and was developed by Golden software. The file extension contains descriptions about the process of visualizing data and these include the sources of data as well as other operations. These files also contain colors, scale and other appearance parameters needed for the software to function better when it comes to 2D and 3D visualization. What’s good about this software is that it allows users to import data from various sources for visualization and when it comes to the visualization process, it is packed with stunning graphics that allow creative visualization by users. The software is also very user-friendly so users can enjoy a quick and easy visualization process. Now, all the files in 2D or 3D, created using the software are all .voxb files.

Recommended voxb file download:
Golden Software Voxler
Detail voxb file extension information:
File Type: voxb
File Format: Voxler Network File
Primary Association: Data Files