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format file vmsn

What is a vmsn file and how do I open a vmsn file?

The .vmsn file extension is used by the VMware virtualization software as VMware Snapshot State File. This application is popularly used to save information regarding the virtual machine to be used for snapshots or the saved and frozen state of the VM. All these snapshots help in installing guest operating systems since the VMware virtualization software is known as an application that creates virtual computer machines using a single computer. The virtual machines that are created using the software can either be MAC, Linux, Windows and other operating systems. The virtual machines created by this software are not just another application to be accessed; rather, it is a complete computer that has its own memory, network connections, processors, etc. This .vmsn file extension is a bit like the .vmsd extension. The only difference is that while .vmsn deals with the virtual machine’s running state, .vmsd simply contains the snapshot’s metadata.

Mac OS
Recommended vmsn file download:
VMware Workstation 9
VMware Fusion 5
VMware Workstation 9
Detail vmsn file extension information:
File Type: vmsn
File Format: VMware Snapshot State File
Primary Association: Data Files