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format file vdb

What is a vdb file and how do I open a vdb file?

A Symantec virus database file is distributed from Web servers of Symantec to all client computers where licensed versions of the Symantec AntiVirus software are installed. This is done when urgent virus definitions have been added or changed and updated. The content of a Symantec virus database file consists of source code compiled and encoded in the VDB file format. Affixed with the .vdb extension, the Symantec AntiVirus software automatically populates the virus definition database of the client computer after downloading and initializing a Symantec virus database file. These Symantec virus database files are usually implemented across corporate networks protected by the Symantec AntiVirus software. Before distribution, these Symantec virus database files are exported from a different file format used by Symantec Web servers. The Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition software uses these Symantec virus database files, and this program can be installed in corporate networks running on Microsoft Windows-based systems.

Recommended vdb file download:
Symantec EndPoint Protection 12
Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition
Detail vdb file extension information:
File Type: vdb
File Format: Symantec Virus Database File
Primary Association: Data Files