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format file vcs

What is a vcs file and how do I open a vcs file?

A vCalendar event file can be created with a calendar and scheduling application implemented with support for opening and modifying the content of a file stored in the VCS format. The data saved in a vCalendar event file consists of details associated to certain events, scheduled appointments and activities entered by the user of a compatible calendar, event planning and scheduling program. The same programs can usually be deployed to edit or remove entries saved in a vCalendar event file. There are many applications developed for Microsoft Windows-based systems that can be used to create, view and modify the content of these vCalendar event files, and the Microsoft Outlook 2011 software is an email management program implemented with support for these vCalendar event files. Affixed with the .vcs extension, Mac users can install the Apple iCal software to integrate support for creating and modifying the data stored in a vCalendar event file into the system. The Palm Desktop software is a mobile platform application that can be used to create and modify these vCalendar event files. These VCS files are affixed with the .vcs extension.

Mac OS
Recommended vcs file download:
Microsoft Outlook 2013
Microsoft Works
Microsoft Outlook 2011
Apple iCal
Calligra Suite
Detail vcs file extension information:
File Type: vcs
File Format: vCalendar Event File
Primary Association: Data Files
Mime Type: application/hbs-vcs, text/calendar, text/x-vcalendar