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format file umf

What is an umf file and how do I open an umf file?

A MediaHolder universal media format file is a file used by the MediaHolder software as a means for this application to download multimedia content in different types and formats via file fragments. These MediaHolder Universal media format files are integrated with data compilation and encoding standards proprietary to GetMediaHolder.com, the developer of the MediaHolder application and the UMF file format. These specifications are implemented into these MediaHolder Universal media format files so it can be saved in the UMF format and affixed with the .umf extension. Metadata details associated to multimedia content like ebooks and various digital videos, audio data and other files may also be stored in these MediaHolder Universal media format files, aside from the actual multimedia data. These metadata details can include names of the multimedia content's creators, hyperlink resources that can be used as reference data by MediaHolder users among other files and the types of these files included in the downloads. OnRead.com eBook downloads are implemented with the UMF format. Efficient categorization of multimedia content downloads using the MediaHolder program is possible since this application can use the metadata details stored in these MediaHolder Universal media format files for this purpose.

Recommended umf file download:
GetMediaHolder.com MediaHolder
Detail umf file extension information:
File Type: umf
File Format: MediaHolder Universal Media Format File
Primary Association: Data Files