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format file tt10

What is a tt10 file and how do I open a tt10 file?

Version 2010 of the TurboTax Canada application is used to create tax returns inclusive of all tax forms required by the Canadian government for the year 2010, and these tax returns are known as TurboTax Canada 2010 tax return files. Intuit developed this tax preparation application to provide users with a quick and easy way to prepare their tax forms and file their 2010 tax returns. The content of a TurboTax Canada 2010 tax return file includes text and numerical, mathematical and statistical data entered by a user via the GUI (Graphical User Interface) of the TurboTax Canada 2010 software. This program can also be used to quickly search for pieces of data that require modification via the Form Lookup function integrated into this application. Federal tax form data or provincial tax forms for certain Canadian provinces supported by the TurboTax Canada 2010 software can be included in these TurboTax Canada 2010 tax return files. The TT10 file format is used to store these tax returns generated with the TurboTax Canada 2010 software, and these tax return files are affixed with the .tt10 extension.

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Intuit Canada TurboTax
Intuit Canada TurboTax
Detail tt10 file extension information:
File Type: tt10
File Format: TurboTax Canada 2010 Tax Return
Primary Association: Data Files