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format file trs

What is a trs file and how do I open a trs file?

A Rosetta Stone language data file is populated by words and phrases along with brief descriptions and definitions of those words and phrases. A Rosetta Stone language data file is developed for each language available in the Rosetta Stone software. This means the language support implemented into the Rosetta Stone software makes use of multiple Rosetta Stone language data files, with each one associated to a particular supported language. These Rosetta Stone language data files are integrated with encoding specifications proprietary to Rosetta Stone, the Rosetta Stone software and to the TRS file format, which is the file format used by the Rosetta Stone application for these Rosetta Stone language data files. Affixed with the .trs extension, these Rosetta Stone language data files are created and placed in a directory within the application folder upon installing the Rosetta Stone program. The Rosetta Stone software was developed by Rosetta Stone to provide users with a set of features and functionalities useful in learning different languages supported by the application.

Mac OS
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Rosetta Stone
Rosetta Stone
Detail trs file extension information:
File Type: trs
File Format: Rosetta Stone Language Data File
Primary Association: Data Files