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format file trm

What is a trm file and how do I open a trm file?

An FTR media file is classified as an audio data file that can be created using the ForTheRecord software, which is also called FTR. These FTR media files are implemented with audio data encoding specifications proprietary to ForTheRecord, and these custom encoding specifications make it possible for these FTR media files to be saved in the TRM format. Affixed with the .trm extension, these FTR media files can also be encrypted with proprietary encryption technology built into the ForTheRecord TheRecord Manager software, and a password can be generated by this application for an FTR media file, so users with the correct password will be the only ones who can access the content of these FTR media files. This is because these FTR media files are used as recordings of courtroom testimonies and proceedings. These FTR media files can also be played using the ForTheRecord TheRecord Player software, a digital audio player freeware implemented with playback support for these TRM files. The ForTheRecord FTR Gold software can also be used to export these FTR media files into other widely used audio data file formats.

Recommended trm file download:
ForTheRecord TheRecord Player
ForTheRecord TheRecord Manager
ForTheRecord FTR Gold
Detail trm file extension information:
File Type: trm
File Format: FTR Media File
Primary Association: Data Files
Mime Type: application/x-msterminal