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format file tfa

What is a tfa file and how do I open a tfa file?

A treeSoft CashFlow Analysis data file can be created using an application that belongs to the Real Estate Analysis Desktop software products from treeSoft. This program can also be used to open and modify the content of a treeSoft CashFlow Analysis data file. This program is called the treeSoft Cashflow Analysis application, and this software was developed to provide users with a set of functionalities useful for property valuation, cashflow projections and other financial data related to the real estate investments of a user. When a user starts the treeSoft Cashflow Analysis software for the first time, the GUI (Graphical User Interface) of the program presents to the user a set of features that can be accessed by the user to enter financial details associated to his or her real estate property investments. These property details and financial content can then be processed by the other functionalities available in the treeSoft Cashflow Analysis program. The user can then save the document as a treeSoft CashFlow Analysis data file. The software implements text formatting and XML-based specifications into the content of these treeSoft CashFlow Analysis data files. These encoding standards are used to store these treeSoft CashFlow Analysis data files in the TFA file format. These TFA files are affixed with the .tfa extension, and the content of these treeSoft CashFlow Analysis data files may include text, numerical and statistical formulas for computing projections and other mathematical processes associated to the real estate property investments of the user.

Recommended tfa file download:
treeSoft CashFlow Analysis (tree.fa.exe)
Detail tfa file extension information:
File Type: tfa
File Format: TreeSoft CashFlow Analysis Data File
Primary Association: Data Files