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format file tcx

What is a tcx file and how do I open a tcx file?

TCX files are implemented by the Garmin Training Center software by way of XML based databases that can be used for storing fitness data, such as type of sport, lap time, distance travelled and calories. There are two versions of this file type - TCX1 and TCX2. TCX files are also associated with the TurboCAD computer-aided drawing application. This software enables users to design highly detailed architectural drawings, rather than by hand. The TCX files consist of various 3D models stored in a text format. The files are somewhat similar to TCW files, which are also created by the same software, though TCX files are saved in a text based format. The software is available for both Windows and Mac platforms.

Mac OS
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Detail tcx file extension information:
File Type: tcx
File Format: Training Center Database File
Primary Association: Data Files