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format file t2ks

What is a t2ks file and how do I open a t2ks file?

This file format is used by the Teach 2000 software package and is an exam results file. This is a specialized memory training software package. This particular file is used for tracking test results such as the overall score and which answers were answered correctly and which were not. When taking a test the student is granted access to a T2KT file on a shared network location and once complete the results are saved to this T2KS file format. The data is encrypted to ensure that only the teacher can access it when grading the test. Please note that many websites claim that this file type is often evidence of a virus or system registry issue, please be advised that is most certainly not the case and is merely a malicious attempt to sell software which you don’t actually require.

Recommended t2ks file download:
Basement.nl Teach2000
Detail t2ks file extension information:
File Type: t2ks
File Format: Teach2000 Exam Results File
Primary Association: Data Files