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format file t2

What is a t2 file and how do I open a t2 file?

This file format is used primarily with software called Textease 2000 and may contain data consisting of text, forms and images in a specialized database format. This software was developed by Lightroom Education for use in the classroom. A new version of Textease (Textease CT) uses .TE files instead and is a suite comprising nine different applications. This file format can also occasionally be identified as a TrueType font or (much less likely) a system configuration file from the Apple 2 computer system. Finally this file format can also be used for the storage of Male MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) images by the XnView program (used for managing and editing images) which is often utilized by hospitals.

Recommended t2 file download:
LIGHTroom Education Textease 2000
Detail t2 file extension information:
File Type: t2
File Format: Textease 2000 File
Primary Association: Data Files