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format file stm

What is a stm file and how do I open a stm file?

An Exchange streaming media file is created and used by the Microsoft Exchange Server software, and these Exchange streaming media files are integrated with proprietary encoding specifications used for the STM file format, and the STM file format was developed by Microsoft. The Exchange information store also uses the content stored in these Exchange streaming media files. Affixed with the .stm extension, the content of an Exchange streaming media file may consist of native Web content streamed through the Microsoft Exchange Server software. Email messages recently sent and have yet to be accessed by a user via the corresponding mail client are stored in these Exchange streaming media files, and these Exchange streaming media files containing those email messages are saved in the mail server. When MAPI clients try to access the email messages stored in these Exchange streaming media files in the mail server, this content is transmitted and stored in the associated EDB files, and this is when the conversion of these email messages into the native Exchange format happens.

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Detail stm file extension information:
File Type: stm
File Format: Exchange Streaming Media File
Primary Association: Data Files
Mime Type: application/vnd.sealedmedia.softseal.html, audio/mod, audio/x-mod, text/html