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format file sp

What is a sp file and how do I open a sp file?

UK uses the SignPlot program especially for traffic management and the UK traffic signs that have been designed using this program are called SP files. The DFT Traffic Signs and regulation layout and spacing rules are automated using these SP files because they contain data such as texts and vector images in order to successfully design as well as print traffic signs for the UK. SP files allow the printing of these signs in truly top quality even if the sizes of these printed signs are big. This is because SignPlot contains built-in images that are printable even in large formats since the main purpose of the program is to create signs that can easily be posted as soon as printed. This program is a necessary program for UK especially when it comes to managing their traffic and SP files contribute to its usefulness as it allows the placement of traffic signs quickly and easily.

Recommended sp file download:
Buchanan Computing SignPlot
Detail sp file extension information:
File Type: sp
File Format: SignPlot Traffic Sign File
Primary Association: Page Layout Files