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format file pfl

What is a pfl file and how do I open a pfl file?

Files with the .pfl extension are primarily deemed as PDF documents that are created and modified using PDFill. It is a program that allows users to edit PDF files. These files contain the edited PDF file, but even if they are already edited, they are still considered standard PDF files that can be exported. Files with the .pfl extension are also known as legal documents that either the Family Lawyer or the Quicken WillMaker program created. These programs allow users to create legal documents on their own. Whether users use this software as will storage or for storage of any legal information to be managed, these files are called .pfl files. The file extension is even used as a plugin file by Photofiltre; a program where users can perform adjustments to their photos. Other applications associated with this file extension are EnWin, SeoQuake, Lotus Freelancxe, Lenné3D-Player, Printfil, Freelance Graphics and a lot more.

Recommended pfl file download:
PlotSoft PDFill
Detail pfl file extension information:
File Type: pfl
File Format: PDFill Project File
Primary Association: Page Layout Files