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format file opd

What is an opd file and how do I open an opd file?

Files with the .opd extension are known as Omnipage documents because they are mostly the files created by the OmniPage scanning software. This software is used to scan pages and every item contained in a page whether it contains images or word documents for the purpose of editing and reassembling information. After these pages and documents have been scanned and reassembled, they are saved into a new format which is now called the.opd format. This is why the new document or the scanned document using the software is called an .opd file wherein these files can only be opened with programs related to Omnipage. The .opd file extension is also associated with the Durango program used for data analysis. The Durango files with the .opd extension usually contain the gathered information from interferometers and are used to support datasets, allowing the Durango company to create highly specialized products. Other applications that can be used to open .opd files are FlipPublisher, TextBridge Pro and BioRad Iq5.

Mac OS
Recommended opd file download:
Nuance OmniPage 18
Nuance OmniPage Pro X
Detail opd file extension information:
File Type: opd
File Format: OmniPage Document
Primary Association: Page Layout Files