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format file rfd

What is a rfd file and how do I open a rfd file?

Files with the .rfd extension are commonly known as files that Recogniform created. Recogniform is software intended for document recognition and this software allows users to recognize optical characters, bar codes, optical marks as well as other techniques that are helpful in recognizing documents intelligently. This software provides users with everything they need to easily and effortlessly achieve their goals. The digital copies of paper forms can be scanned and stored with the use of the .rfd files. These files contain the structures of the page layout, texts, as well as other data related to formatting. RFD files are also mainly used in form designing for optical recognition using Recogniform since they play a big part in the recognition phases and data input process. Therefore, these RFD files also play a part in providing best results. A Recogniform application known as Recogniform Form Designer may be used to open files in the .rfd format.

Recommended rfd file download:
Recogniform Form Designer
Detail rfd file extension information:
File Type: rfd
File Format: Recogniform Form Designer File
Primary Association: Page Layout Files