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format file sldtm

What is a sldtm file and how do I open a sldtm file?

An SDL translation memory file is implemented with encoding specifications proprietary to SDL, and these encoding standards are used for the SLDTM file format. The content of an SDL translation memory file is also integrated with data storage compilation standards used in files appended with the .sldtm extension. Generally classified as a data file, an SDL translation memory file is created and used by the SDL Trados Studio language translation application. Linguistic databases constantly populated with new entries, additions and changes or updated translation data from the input of users that employ the functionalities integrated into the SDL Trados Studio language translation program for translating data are called "translation memories". These translation memories are categorized by this application into two classifications, namely "fuzzy matches" and "100% matches". This also means as users continue employing the set of features available in the SDL Trados Studio language translation application for translating written content into different languages, these translation memories are steadily populated with new entries and corrected with appropriate data, making it more efficient in translating written data as more time passes.

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SDL Trados Studio
Detail sldtm file extension information:
File Type: sldtm
File Format: SDL Translation Memory File
Primary Association: Data Files