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format file shc

What is a shc file and how do I open a shc file?

The SHC file extension is an Adobe Photoshop Contours File that was developed by Adobe Systems and is generally used by the Adobe Photoshop software. The software contains a professional graphics editing program that consists of a library of contours that alter the appearance and effect when custom layer styles are being created. The software is particularly used to save new contours and load existing contours. These are available in the Layer Style dialog which is located under the Layer Style menu option. The SHC file extensions accessed through Adobe Photoshop software is available both for Mac and Windows operating system.

Mac OS
Recommended shc file download:
Adobe Photoshop CS6
Adobe Photoshop CS6
Detail shc file extension information:
File Type: shc
File Format: Adobe Photoshop Contours File
Primary Association: Data Files