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format file sdts

What is a sdts file and how do I open a sdts file?

A USGS data file is classified as a GIS (Graphical Information System) file containing georeferencing details and spatial content that helps facilitate cross compatibility support for transferring GIS data between computer systems, and this is implemented to minimize possible data corruption or loss. The data stored in a USGS data file is integrated with encoding specifications proprietary to US Geological Survey, so that the content of these USGS data files can be stored in the SDTS file format. Affixed with the .sdts extension, the content of a USGS data file may also include quality report details and a data dictionary among various metadata attributes required for the seamless transmission of data, including vector graphics and raster images, to and from computer systems. Many GIS programs use these SDTS files.

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File Type: sdts
File Format: USGS Data File
Primary Association: Data Files