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format file rou

What is a rou file and how do I open a rou file?

The Gerber Route File is stored in the ROU format and is affixed with the ROU extension and is used by Gerber. These ROU files are generally classified as data files that contain routing data in standard Gerber format used in printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing. They also include plating and count information about the drilling tools used to create the board. The Gerber software is used by printed circuit board (PCB) industry. This software can be downloaded for free and it has two versions, the RS-274X ("extended Gerber" or X Gerber) and EIA RS-274-D ("standard Gerber"). The extended Gerber superseded the standard Gerber and these formats are already owned by Ucamco, PCB CAM software and laser photoplotters developer. There are several routing methods available such as top, bottom and the silk screen top. The two most important components of your Gerber routing system are the tool or bit used and the collet that holds it

Recommended rou file download:
Altium Designer
Detail rou file extension information:
File Type: rou
File Format: Gerber Route File
Primary Association: Data Files