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format file rod

What is a rod file and how do I open a rod file?

The Actuate Report Object Design File is stored in the ROD format and is affixed with the ROD extension and is used by Actuate software. These ROD files are generally classified as data files that contain report designs of form layouts, fields, forms, structure, behavior and other information which are used for customizing the output of reports generated with Actuate software. They are also known as report layout files or report design files which are produced every time a new report is created to customize report outputs from the software. These editable files exist for each standard Siebel report with Siebel Tools and can be modified in the Design Editor of Actuate’s main window. These ROD files can be copied with new filename. The executable reports are viewable reports that carry an ROX file extension. The Actuate e.Report Designer software can be used in in Microsoft Windows based systems to access and view ROD files.

Recommended rod file download:
Actuate e.Report Designer
Detail rod file extension information:
File Type: rod
File Format: Actuate Report Object Design File
Primary Association: Data Files