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format file roca

What is a roca file and how do I open a roca file?

The RIB office Compressed Archive is stored in the ROCA format and is affixed with the ROCA extension and is used by RIB office. These ROCA files are generally classified as data files that contain schedules or time management data, drawings, employee information, contract data, contacts, and invoices stored in a compressed archive format. Prior to creating ROCA files, they are first created as ROD files encoded with Progress ObjectStore database format. However they only become ROCA files when they are being used and saved in a particular project. These files are used for storing database snapshots. The RIB Office software utilizes German language only and is used to manage engineering projects in construction and architecture areas. The RIB office software can be used in Microsoft Windows based systems to access and view ROCA files. It also allows RIB files to be transferred thru XML-Export and ensures work costing transparency.

Recommended roca file download:
RIB office
Detail roca file extension information:
File Type: roca
File Format: RIB office Compressed Archive
Primary Association: Data Files